Indego, automotive consultancy, automotive consulting, steve young Indego, automotive consultancy, automotive consulting, steve young

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Business Model

Indego challenges the existing automotive business model with a customer centric focus and simplified automotive manufacturing processes. From an automotive industry perspective, IndeGo moves the emphasis from designing and producing cars, to a customer-centric business which buys or builds, and then operates a fleet of cars as assets, matching those cars to the needs of customers, and selling goods and services related to the vehicle usage over the whole life cycle.  This is in contrast to the traditional automotive industry business model where the manufacturer derives little value from the car once it has been sold, and virtually none once it has moved onto it’s second and subsequent owner. 

Innovation in product design is more focused on providing flexibility of specification throughout the vehicle life and including features which allow additional services to be offered to the customer such as remote condition monitoring.  The car manuafcaturing process is simplified through a greater reliance on modular design their supply by key suppliers.  Technology changes reduce the scale dependencies of manufacturing and allow smaller, simpler assembly plants closer to the customer.  Reconditioning cars between users, including technical upgrades and feature changes, becomes an industrial process in it’s own right.  Customer-facing functions such as the call centre become the new core activity, with the effective management of defleeting and reallocation of vehicles to new customers a critical success factor.