Indego, automotive consultancy, automotive consulting, steve young Indego, automotive consultancy, automotive consulting, steve young

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IndeGo Concept

IndeGo restructures most parts of the automotive value chain to remove many current inefficiencies and fundamentally change the way in which the end-user obtains the personal mobility provided by the motor car.  Although developed around the personal car, it has relevance to business users and commercial vehicles as well, and some principles are transferable to other business sectors.

Key features of the Indego Concept are:
  • The customer leases the car or van with a full package of automotive support services such as insurance and maintenance
  • IndeGo maintains direct and mutually beneficial contact with the customer linked to the usage of the vehicle and related services
  • IndeGo retains ownership of the vehicle throughout it's useful life, leasing it to new customers at lower price points as the vehicle ages
  • Design of an IndeGo vehicle more focused on the "see, feel and touch" features which customers experience daily
  • Automotive manufacturing and supply chain in an IndeGo model is simplified and investment levels cut through high use of modular design and supplier involvement
  • Financial results are superior to the traditional automotive business model due to the retention of vehicle ownership and revenue from related automotive services