Indego, automotive consultancy, automotive consulting, steve young Indego, automotive consultancy, automotive consulting, steve young

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IndeGo represents two aspects of new thinking in the global automotive industry – a radical concept which addresses the long-standing problems in the automotive business model, and the fresh thinking of Steve Young who led the development of the IndeGo Concept whilst at AT Kearney and now offers independent expertise to the automotive industry in advisory, consultancy, expert witness and non-executive director roles.

The automotive industry business model has changed little in over 100 years.  Cars are still engineered, built and sold in much the same way, even though the related technologies and sophistication have transformed the product and processes.  The IndeGo Concept offers the customer a more flexible, tailored approach to having personal mobility without the need to make a major capital expenditure on a car or van that may not meet their needs in a year or two.  It allows the automotive manufacturer to focus on building long term relationships with their customers, meeting their changing needs, and maximising the income from each vehicle produced over an extended period.  It transforms the point of sale from a confrontational, volume-driven, transaction focus to an ongoing relationship where success is derived from optimising how a flow of new and existing vehicles is matched to a flow of current and new customer needs.

With over 30 years industry and consulting experience predominantly in automotive, but also with some time in consumer products, high technology sectors and services, Steve Young has a track record of innovative thinking and linking pragmatic strategies with operational realities.  Steve has worked extensively internationally and has held executive and non-executive directorships in the UK, continental Europe and India.  He is able to work independently or can assemble small teams of similarly qualified experts with whom he has previously worked for larger projects.