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Indego / Automotive Consulting / Case Studies

Consulting Case Studies


Business Planning

For a premium sports car manufacturer, worked with management to develop a 5 year business plan which returned the business to profitability.  Scope included all aspects of product planning, manufacturing strategy, collaborations and distribution.  Key analyses included pricing, value chain and development of a sustainable business structure.  Implementation planning covered specific tasks, responsibilities and timing.



For a potential investor in the assets of MG Rover, developed a business plan to acquire the assets and relaunch the automotive company.  Key challenges addressed were relationship with key stakeholders, including Government, Trade Unions, suppliers and dealers, product cycle plan, engineering resources and knowledge transfer, and integrated manufacturing and sourcing strategy.  Worked with retained investment bankers on bid strategy and with PR advisers on media relationships.


Lean Distribution

Multiple projects for automotive and agricultural equipment manufacturers to develop and implement lean distribution/integrated supply chain models.  Areas covered included product deproliferation, late customisation, improved forecasting, pooled order pipelines and physical inventory, dealer and supplier interfaces, flexible manufacturing and enabling IT changes.  Benefits delivered included improved service levels, reduced inventories and improved revenue.


Parts Commonality Strategy

Led a team to develop and roll out a strategy to improve parts commonality cross-brand and cross-car line for a global automotive manufacturer.  Key activities were parts segmentation according to brand and technical characteristics, cycle planning at technology level including planned phase-out dates and introduction of new metrics.


Management Performance

For a premium manufacturer, developed a logical cascade of key performance indicators which deployed strategic and operational targets in a consistent way throughout the business at progressively greater levels of detail at each level.  Metrics were monitored through a new intranet-based dashboard to provide quasi-real time reporting to management on business performance.



Various projects to internally and externally benchmark sales, manufacturing and organisational metrics, and supporting processes, including developing follow-through activities to apply lessons learned to the client business.


Supplier Business Strategy

For a supplier of stampings and body sub-assemblies to the automotive industry, development of a business strategy to improve differentiation in a commodity market and provide potential for pricing advantage through acquisition, divestment and organic development.  Recommendations included acquisition of engineering resource, refocusing business base away from pure commodity parts, and divestment/closure of some plants.


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