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How much extra would you pay each month to get the "Peace of Mind" and "Predictability" offered by IndeGo, compared to what you spend today?


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Peace Of Mind

IndeGo provides the user with the peace of mind and certainty that whatever happens in respect of their motoring needs, they will be looked after.  The traditional car-buying process, with visits to dealerships, price negotiations and part exchanges is replaced by selecting a package that suits your needs and your budget at a fixed monthly payment.  If the car is off the road for any reason, then a replacement is provided by IndeGo, delivered to your home or place of work.  When the car needs servicing, IndeGo will call you.  IndeGo will look after the insurance and road tax within the price that has been agreed.

As our lives become more demanding, and our free time comes under more pressure, many people do not want to waste that time in buying and looking after their car.  They just want personal mobility, and welcome the opportunity to have someone else look after everything for them. Indego delivers an alternative car ownership experience – a  total peace of mind personal mobility package.