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IndeGo is not a “one size fits all” offer – IndeGo offers a flexible solution.  As a customer you will be offered a choice of cars (bodystyles, accessories, ages), usage patterns (annual mileage, number of drivers, insurance conditions), service levels (drop-off and collection, out-of-hours servicing), and agreement conditions (length, break points).  The price you are quoted will be personalised to your specific needs and choices, and you will only pay for what you want.  Packages can be tailored to suit the very different needs and budgets of family who need a safe and reliable people mover, the retired couple who need transport for local journeys at a fixed price, and the student who needs a car for the weekly trip home at the lowest cost.

IndeGo also meets the needs of the growing number of car clubs and car sharing schemes.  A car provided by IndeGo will provide simpler control, individual billing and maintenance planning than a traditional purchase.  This opens up the opportunity to have a vehicle available on demand – for a few hours or a few days, rather than a fixed commitment over a year or more.