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Product Engineering

IndeGo will commission and manage product design and development, rather than own the necessary resources to conduct the full automotive engineering and homologation process.  Detail automotive engineering work will be outsourced to independent engineering consultancies and strategic suppliers of key systems.  Whilst this approach has been widely used in the auto industry in the past for niche products, in IndeGo it is the only operating model.  The expertise of IndeGo will be in product planning, concept development and definition, and management of the third party developers.

“Fast fashion” principles imported from the clothing industry, combined with a modular product design incorporating standardised vehicle systems will provide more frequent product updates at lower investment costs.  Shorter life cycles will reduce tooling investment, and modular designs will allow updates to be applied to vehicles during their service life.

Linking IndeGo, automotive engineering partners and suppliers together in a digital design environment will remove time and cost from the automotive engineering process.  It will allow all those working on a project globally to participate in virtual meetings where decisions can be made rapidly, and the results quickly shared in real time.  It will also allow high levels of commonality and re-use to be maintained and enforced.