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How much extra would you pay each month to get the "Peace of Mind" and "Predictability" offered by IndeGo, compared to what you spend today?


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How important in the future is it to you to have your own car?

Indego / Business Model / Market Positioning

Market Positioning

The full IndeGo Concept is aimed at the automotive mass market in mature economies where access is more important than ownership, and the necessary enablers such as internet access and an advanced automotive financial services sector are in place.   Target customers value peace of mind, predictable costs and "flexibility" rather than the fact of owning a car.  They are financially astute, open to new ideas and value the flexibility that IndeGo can offer.  Example customer segments include:
  • “Family transport” – aged in 30’s with a family, tight budgets, need reliable family transport, possibly as a second car
  • “Car as a washing machine” – well established in a suburban home, little or no interest in cars other than as a means of transport
  • “Basic wheels” – transportation for personal use potentially a first car for young people starting work
  • “Hassle free” – people, predominantly women, who are nervous about technology and interactions with dealer and workshop staff

Automotive market research indicates that around 29% of the UK adult population would be “very” or “quite” interested in an IndeGo type offer.  This level rises to 56% for those planning to change their car in the next 6-12 months – indicating that as awareness of switching cost and effort increases, the appeal of an IndeGo style packaged offer is stronger.

IndeGo will compete on service, not on product or price.  Product will be competitive in key areas such as dynamics and performance, but aim to be superior in “see, feel and touch” features that affect the user in daily operation under today’s traffic conditions.  Pricing will be aligned with semi-premium products rather than with the lowest cost competitor from Korea, or perhaps in the future China.