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Financial Model

IndeGo provides superior financial returns to the conventional iautomotive industry business model for a number of reasons:

Product investment is reduced by high commonality, leverage of standard parts and bought-out major systems, and by avoidance of investing in product feature that is not valued by the majority of the customers.

Because the vehicle is retained under single ownership throughout it’s life, the cumulative profit that would be taken at each change of ownership in the traditional model is instead captured by IndeGo.  This can be in excess of 70% of the original capital value over 8 years
As IndeGo own the vehicle throughout it’s life, they provide insurance, servicing and all required spare parts for every vehicle, and retain the margin on that business.

By developing close multi-year relationships with customers, IndeGo also has the opportunity to cross-sell other products and services to those customers.  These may be travel-related such as hotel accommodation, or totally unrelated such as home insurance.

In combination, these factors generate a financial return (Profit before Tax) on sales of over 10% - an order of magnitude change to the low single figure percentage levels typical in the automotive industry today.