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Indego / Business Model / Customer Relationship

Customer Relationship

Maintaining a direct customer relationship is key to providing the service differentiation on which IndeGo is based.  As a general rule therefore, all customer interaction would be through IndeGo employees, rather than being outsourced.  This is the opposite of the traditional automotive industry model where many customer interfaces are handled by third parties relative to the automotive manufacturer.

In order to provide some physical representation of IndeGo, there would be a limited number of retail type facilities in major population centres, but these would be more similar in nature to a bank rather than an automotive dealership.  Most initial enquiries would be through internet channels and an IndeGo call centre.  As the product is leased rather than purchased, the perceived financial commitment is reduced from a capital purchase to a much smaller monthly payment, increasing the likelihood that customers would be prepared to transact over the internet.  In the call centres, customers would have a named account manager with whom they would deal once an enquiry was in progress or they became an active customer.  This would be their single point of contact for all matters related to their car, and any communication from IndeGo to the customer would be through that account manager.

For potential customers who wanted to test drive a vehicle, this would be offered through IndeGo cars placed with a daily rental company partner.  Service and repairs would be handled as an outsourced service, but the car would be collected and returned to the customer by IndeGo staff.

Approaching the end of the contract, or if IndeGo wanted to terminate the contract early to release that vehicle for another customer, the account manager would proactively contact the customer with a tailored proposition for a follow-on contract.  This would reflect the customer knowledge gained on how that specific customer used their vehicle in the past.  The aim would be to have industry-leading customer retention levels.